S.O.S.® - Spoonful Of Sugar, Is A Sweet (And Sour) Candy Store Designed With Only One Thing In Mind: To Make People Smile.


We are Jill and Leni, two moms, whose original plan was to open a retail shop located in our town where kids (and adults) could go to enjoy the fun and excitement that comes with being in a candy store...a place where imaginations can run wild. But due to the changing times, we decided to create an online candy shop, where visitors nationwide can enjoy the wonder of a trip to the candy store delivered right to their front door.

We also believe in giving back to our community. Unfortunately, some emergencies are not solved with candy and smiles, so we created Candy for a Cause!. Our goal is to partner with local and national charities to help raise awareness and funds. Check out all the organizations we support.

We are like kids in a candy store in our on-going quest for novel, premium and cool sweets. We think you will love our mouthwatering selection as much as we do. And, yes, sometimes there needs to be a little taste testing…